sábado, 11 de octubre de 2014

HTML - programming model, mapping impedance mismatch

The main problem that it have and will all JavaScript frameworks will be the HTML itself. HTML has been and is currently a system of text format. His original goal was to format text with links to other reference texts. HTML was not designed to develop applications, but rather to create an encyclopedia that could easily go from one article to another and has remained so after 20 years. Despite improvements in HTML 5, the language is still an archaic and bizarre text formatting system.

At the time when HTML was created there was already a decade since the creation of Graphic Operating Systems, which had evolved from the Operating Systems based in text mode from 60’s and 70’s. As format text language there is nothing to blame, except that in 20 years there not emerged an application like Word Perfect or Microsoft Word where you can enter text into HTML format in an easy and powerful way, but from the point of view of application development, the substrate of HTML is rather deficient, because application development goes back to the time of the screen text mode 40 years before. Would anyone happen he is currently making an application for Windows or Linux console unless it was for administrative purposes and to specialist staff? Well that's what you're doing when applications are developed on HTML.

Then any JavaScript framework can’t solve that underlying problem in the same way that no programming language of 60’s and 70’s could create graphical applications or Event Driven Design applications for an operating system focused on text. After the emergence of graphical operating systems was extremely easy to develop such applications as evidenced by the emergence of Visual Basic in 1991 The emergence of graphical operating systems meant sudden death of a whole suite of applications that had dominated the market in as SuperCalc, WordStar, dBase, etc and gave way to almost complete domination of MS Windows and Office, since those applications were unable to adapt to changing times.

While the substrate on which the Web application is developed be HTML, while the surface on which the application is designed be a “page” of text and the Object of JavaScript which is inserted the rest of elements be a “document”, JavaScript frameworks will have the same faults.
It is necessary rethink all this problem and change the text mode paradigm to a graphic one.